Fire Kitchen Knife Essential - FK1


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A highlight for every hobby chef, outdoor professional and lover of sharp knives. The FK1 Knife is a must-have in your kitchen! The hand-forged blade (21 cm), the distinctive shape, the rough coating and the ash wood handle make the FK1 perfect and ensure particularly high quality and durability.

I like to use the knife for preparing steaks, fish and vegetables, and it is often my bush knife. With the sharp blade, I can get through anywhere!

Dimensions approx. (length × width × height):38.00 × 2.50 × 9.80 cm

- Blade steel:c75 carbon steel (not stainless) - Hardness:approx. 60 HRC Rockwell - Blade finish:rough forged - Blade length:approx. 21.0 cm - Blade height:approx. 9.8 cm - Back thickness:approx. 3.5 mm - Handle length:approx. 16.2 cm - handle:ash - quality guarantee included

- Before using the knife for the first time, it must be washed thoroughly under running water and with plenty of washing-up liquid. - The FK1 is a hand-forged knife made of carbon steel and therefore not rustproof! - The blade (especially the polished edge) gets a patina with use and becomes dark gray over time. So please don't worry, especially at the beginning, if the blade discolours - that's not a mistake! The manufacturing process of your FK1 knife is only really complete when the patina is"finished"after frequent use. - Wash the knife with water and washing-up liquid after the work is done, do not put it in the dishwasher. Store it as dry as possible. - Oil the handle regularly to prevent the handle from"shrinking". If the fit is already a bit loose, put a drop of oil on it as well.

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