Umami, the 5th flavor, 90g bag

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Fire Kitchen UMAMI is a real secret weapon and is responsible for a hearty, intense, spicy or meaty taste experience.

It is the TRUE and FINEST vegetable broth and goes particularly well as a spice with potatoes, fish, chicken, stews and everything that loves a hearty note.

Onion, tomato, MUSTARD flour, untreated sea salt (non-iodised), porcini, coconut blossom sugar, CELERY root, lemon peel, Schabzigerklee, rosemary, lovage, tomato, bay leaves, sumac (sumac, 7% salt), tarragon

NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G Energy:1,346 kJ/321 kcal Fat:9.8 g of which saturated fatty acids:2.7 g Carbohydrates:36.4 g of which sugar:24.1 g protein:14.5 g salt:7.3 g fiber:7.7g

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